Poster Presentation

The Poster Presentation 2017 is the School of Civil Engineering' major annual event to showcase the research undertaken by students over the past year. It is an ideal opportunity for our academics and students to network and share research experiences with each other. This year's event was held in the Civil Engineering Drawing Office with around 70 contributions, from traditional lines of research to emerging fields in the broad areas of Civil Engineering. A word cloud is generated as follows.

Poster Presentation 3rd November 2017

Word cloud where the size of a word is proportional to the number of times the word appears in the title of the students’ research presentation.

Around 100 students presented their posters to interested academic staff and fellow students. We had 27 postgraduate posters and 43 undergraduate posters on display. The Poster Presentation 2017 was a great success thanks to high-standard poster contributions. We were very impressed with the quality of presentations and the wide diversity of research topics within our school.

I sincerely thank all people who has amazingly helped me run the event, especially Fernando for constantly giving me tips from Zurich; Calvin Chiew for upgrading the Poster Presentation site; Daniel for co-organising the PG poster session; Guien for initiating the interesting "people's choice" session and helping with the venue setting; Ross Barker for placing the posters and bringing the drinks; Susanne, Daniela, Lorraine and Jingping for helping with the catering and nametags; and John Barber for setting up the venue. I also appreciate the enthusiasm of Louis Taborda contributing with the entries in project management

2017 year's winners are:

# Project Management John Main (Civil) Annie B Wilson (Civil) Most Popular Posters (People’s Choice)
Postgraduate Undergraduate Undergraduate Postgraduate
1st Price Natural Pool System
Wilson Zhang, Janice Peng, Elber Zhou, Niklas Rambow

NSW Rural Fire Service Accelerated Learning and Development
Griffin Foster Morris, Naveed Ahmed, Peter Lees, Christopher Choe, Bohan Shi

Experimental Investigation of Apex Connection Stiffness in Cold-formed Steel Portal Frames
Joshua Bendit, Jiahao Peng

Modelling of Skull Fracture and Concussion due to Head Impact
Amir Zaghloul

Procedures for adaptable reuse of heritage structures
Sarah Elmasri, Sara Charlotte Hoel, Alex Daisy Gibson

2nd Price BYO Mug-Reduce Disposable Coffee Cups Usage
Xue Bai, Min Zou, Wenjiao He, Yunwei Wang, Yuting Deng

USYD Mardi Gras Celebrations 2018
Stuart Nelson, Tingting Zhou, Qing Yuan, Ping Dai, Ningning Dong

Numerical Simulation of Liquid Bridge Behaviours on Rough Surface
Xu Wang, Yiyi Yang

Cold-rolled Aluminium Section Capacity: Investigation of Beams Subject to Local Buckling
Le Anh Thi Huynh

Future of the Engineering Classroom
Sarah Afzaly, Tracey Myint Thein, Christian Wassif

3rd Price Portfolio Health Check
Liang Han, Ruize Tan, Lan Yang, Xueyan Liu, Siqin Liu

The Waterline Challenge
James Clarke, Daniel Ferrarin, Rohan Oregan, Vanessa Wu

From Art to Science of Granular Media
Benjamin Leighton

Characterisation of 3D Printed Rock-like Specimens with DIC
Mansour Sharafisafa

Effect of bentonite mass per unit area on the desiccation of geosynthetic clay liners
Bowei Yu

Characterizations of Mechanical Properties of Two Polymer Foams under Quasi-static and Impact Loading
Ruoyu Wang

Chao Hou

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